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Why Usedesk?

Usedesk helps companies create attentive service and be closer to customers
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What Else Usedesk can do for customers
Why Usedesk is better
The idea of creating a "friendly" helpdesk came to one of the founders when one customer service department refused to help him with an Internet settings issue because he didn't have his ticket number at hand. The company was definitely using an IT service desk for working with requests and incidents, but not with people. A tool was needed. A tool that would help customer service departments speak a common language to customers and solve every problem with as little help from the customers as possible. A tool that wouldn't require customers to remember ticket numbers and wouldn't require employees to get a certificate before starting to use the system. This is how the Usedesk story began.
What Is Useful about Usedesk?
Usedesk is a program for customer support. It unites all the channels of customer interaction in one place, freeing you from forwarding e-mails from one department to another and helping you allocate requests among your employees, ensuring that all requests are responded to in time.

A customer's profile has the customer's contact information and any interaction history, so any employee can easily help having taken into account the customer's conversation history. Reports show managers how quickly employees cope with a flow of requests on various subjects and how satisfied customers are.

Employees like Usedesk because it doesn't have a lot of unnecessary buttons and difficult procedures that distract you from your work – here you have everything at hand to help customers. Even a newcomer can deal with Usedesk, it won't take longer than 30 minutes before a beginner responds to the first request.

Who Is Usedesk for?
We work with companies that care about their customers, know how to solve problems and keep promises. Usedesk makes creating customer service from the beginning easier and helps scale it with the company's growth. For small teams (3-5 people) Usedesk replaces Outlook and systematizes customers' conversations. For bigger companies Usedesk is the right tool for a contact center. It merges all channels and customers' information from CRM and other internal systems.

Usedesk is focused on solving the problems of support and consultation of customers, that's why Usedesk is not the right service for monitoring money markets, account statuses, or the to-do list for a sales department.
for supporting customers
to support merchants and payers
for service support
to support from the very beginning
What Else Usedesk Can Do for Customers
We don't simply give you your login and password to Usedesk. It's important for us that your company finds Usedesk useful. So we will work with you to analyze your current support situation and help establish cooperative department work if you have cross-department communication with customers.

Requests will be automatically forwarded to the right people, you'll see the status and the person responsible for the issue. No request will be lost. Usedesk automates routine operation so the procedure of action from receiving the e-mail till the final response is shorter. We set up and adapt the service and teach your employees how to use it. And if something goes wrong after you've already started using the service, we'll fix it quickly.

If there is anything missing in our helpdesk, we are open to discussing implementing it for an additional payment, if you don't want to wait before this feature appears in the service for all companies.
Why Usedesk is Better
We learn from the experience of some other companies, both successful and not. We do research to find out how support service works in various fields.

Usedesk follows trends in customer service. We created a project botmother|, where we develop useful chatbots for business which automate support in messengers.

We like to share our knowledge about customer service. Even if you're not our client, we will provide an audit of your customer service, show you your weak spots, and give advice on ways to fix them.

We also think that not only processes matter. It's important to speak a common language with your customers. That's why we help establish a communication strategy – how to say hello and goodbye, how to calm down an angry customer, how to say "no", how to control customers' emotions. We respect Glavred, so we'll help you write answer templates that will show you care about your customers.

Our favorite activity is to learn from customers, exploring every little detail about different support approaches. We are interested in "how this works" at your company. We will discuss your goals, ideas and we will learn from your experience to make Usedesk even more useful for creating awesome customer service.