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Multitasking chat with messengers

Leave a request, and our managers will answer your questions
Choose a communication channel, file transfer, pop-up notifications, sound alerts, knowledge base — all in one window on your website
The message is automatically sent to the group in charge. An employee can transfer the dialogue manually at any time.
Automatic and manual assignment
How to make things easier using multitasking chat
Usedesk sends auto-responses to standard customer questions. Operators solve more complicated issues.
Flexible reports
Usedesk will show productivity, response time, customer satisfaction in a report sorted by department or by agent.
Chating history
The chat log is preserved as a ticket in the client's history. Just pass the question to the person responsible, and after making a decision, write to the client by mail or messenger.
Clients rate every dialogue, and the manager tracks employee errors
Quality control
Everything you need for helping clients in one place: scripts, instructions, branch regulations. Structure with categories and sections for an even faster search.
Knowledge base
More information about the product
Evaluate the performance of your customer service employees
The checklist was created using international standards for customer service quality and the experience of support managers from our large client companies.
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск