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Integrate Your Company's Life into UseDesk
Make UseDesk compatible with the systems you use to improve your customer service
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Know Your Apps
Grow Your Business
Reply to reviews, find the best keywords, track apps, games or competitors
in UseDesk and other services you are already using
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Create tickets from dialogs and never lose another request
Carrot Quest collects precious information about every visitor of your website which later helps launch trigger messages via chat, in your website tools, as well as via e-mail and instant messengers.
If during a conversation in Carrot Quest a customer mentions some bug or asks for accounting documents, create a ticket on UseDesk with /usedesk command.

The ticket will be received by another department, the problem won't be forgotten, the customer will be happy.
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UseDesk is compatible with the best CRM for online-stores.

The information about customers' orders is shown on the page of the request under the customer's card: the date, amount, payment and delivery status.

Managers don't waste time on opening one more window, finding a customer by e-mail and checking the order status in CRM.

The sooner the customer receives a response, the less likely he is to cancel the order. Good and quick customer service brings better sales :)
Useful for online-stores managers
1. Yandex.Speller corrects grammar mistakes in Russian, English and Ukrainian.

2. Glavred cleans up unnecessary text and ensures the message uses an appropriate tone.

3. Lebedev's studio typograf deletes double spaces, changes hyphens into dashes and quotes into guillemets in Russian.
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Write accurate and simple responses
UseDesk is compatible with 3 services that help check and improve your texts.
botmother| — a platform for creating useful chat-bots without programming in Teegram and Facebook messenger. Chat-bots help customers receive answers to standard questions from the FAQ. Chat-bots transfer more difficult questions to UseDesk, which are later answered by your support department.
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Reduce the load on your support staff by 80%
Zapier helps you integrate UseDesk with any other service or channel and it only takes 5 minutes to do it. Zapier is a constructor that helps you join services without programming.
Here is what you need to do:
  • Create a card on Trello.
  • Send a request notification on Slack.
  • Create a request on UseDesk from Google Table data.
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Connect UseDesk with 750+ apps
Phone systems
Every call automatically creates a request on UseDesk. The request keeps a recorded conversation. Add comments and tags to calls to get detailed statistics about what you and your customer were talking about.
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consider each conversation
The chat widget is in-built on our website. Employees discuss urgent issues with customers, questions and orders don't get lost anymore.
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save your communications
List of Payments
In UseDesk customer's card you can see their payment statuses on the PayU system. You don't need to call the support department of the payment system or check with an admin any more to find out if the payment was successful.
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consultation on payment issues
Social Media
Customers send direct messages to your community or leave comments on the page. Your employees see these requests and respond from UseDesk. In the statistics report you can see what social media channel was used.
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communicate with your customers where they prefer
Artificial Intellegence
Smart robot scans the customer's text and suggests templates with answers to your employee.
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make your team's work easier
Block with The Customer's Personal Information
Get more information about a customer from different UseDesk systems
UseDesk uses additional blocks to show information from CRM, CMS or their payment service. Balance status, agreement status, the list of orders and purchases – it's all at hand to help your customers quickly. Let your employees concentrate on responding to customers, not jumping from one system to another.
Integration with Your Services
Imagine your systems in total synchronization. That's the reality with UseDesk. You can create requests from the CRM orders, set tasks based on UseDesk requests, receive statistics in a form of your choice. Forward this link to developers to begin integration.