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Self-service with the Help of UseDesk
Frequent questions to the Service department cost a company a lot of money, but the help doesn't necessarily begin with creating a ticket. Let customers not waste time on phone calls and e-mails vainly. The widget with the built-in Knowledge base will help you find all the answers to frequently asked questions.
Smart Support Widget
With the help of the widget on your website customers will find the right article in the Knowledge base by the key words. If the widget doesn't have the right information, it turns into a feedback form. A customer will send a request from your website and your employees will see it on UseDesk.
Suggested Articles
Adjust your widget to automatically offer a customer only right articles from the Knowledge base based on the page he is on.
Feedback form Autofill
If the widget is in customer's personal account, fill in the form with customer's name and address automatically – the customer will only need to right his request.
Customized Appearance
Change the color and the icon of your widget so it doesn't look alien on your website. For English-speaking customers set an English version of your widget.
The Knowledge Base with Articles
Open Knowledge base for customers.
Internal one for employees.
The Knowledge base has answers to the frequently asked questions. The articles are sorted out by categories and paragraphs so it's easier to find the right information.
Your Domain
Customers see your domain in the Knowledge base and trust this information.
Your Color
Color your Knowledge base in your brand colors. Your IT specialist can add any scripts to adjust our standard template – the appearance won't be different from your website.
As Many Bases as You Need
If you have several departments and sub-departments, create a Knowledge base for each of them individually to keep the information in one place.
The Faster You Respond, the Happier the Customer Is
You have everything at hand to help customers – scripts, complex instructions, regulations of different department. Employees quickly find the answers and don't make customers wait.
To Help Employees
Create internal articles for learning. Newcomers won't need to waste time looking for information in Word files. Employees will start responding a lot faster with the Knowledge base.
Only Correct Answers
You won't need to apologize for incorrect responses. The access to edit the Knowledge base is only given to managers and best agents, so it won't have wrong information.