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Knowledge Base for Clients

Our managers will answer all your questions. It's free.
Save and accumulate instructions and knowledge with Usedesk
What is the Knowledge Base for?
Our structured Knowledge Base includes instructions, articles, docs, process descriptions, and everything else that can help your employees and clients find information on common questions and save them time
Fast search
Everything you need for helping clients in one place: scripts, instructions, branch regulations. Structure with categories and sections for an even faster search.
Detailed onboarding
Create internal articles for training your team when you actively hire new staff. Newbies won't have to search and study guidelines for hours and read different Word files in many systems.
Proofread answers
Give your best employees and management access to editing to avoid sharing wrong or outdated information.
Benefits of the Knowledge Base
A well-known address inspires trust among customers, and they will seek reference information more often.
Your domain
Relevant selection of materials for each page
A smart Knowledge Base widget will appear on the right page and select the appropriate articles with answers for the client.
Your developer can easily add… to make the Knowledge Base look the same…
Single repository
Make Knowledge Bases for each branch or office to save and accumulate centralized knowledge.
Auto-filling the form
Clients will be able to find answers by themselves, even when the work day for your Support Team has already ended.
If the widget is inside the client's cabinet, it will automatically add their name and email address. All the client needs to do is simply text a question.
Always here to help
If the client doesn't find the answer in the Knowledge Base, he will be able to send a question via the feedback form.
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