Streamline Support Work and Improve Your Business Performance

Usedesk is a platform that helps automate your support, trains staff, and finds growth points


Usedesk is a platform that helps automate your support, trains staff, and finds growth points

Support at All Stages

Our work does not end with the payment of your bill. We continue to help you throughout our collaboration.

Contactless Setup and Training

It’s easy to start with Usedesk whenever you are. Request a demo, and we will help you to set up the platform. You don’t need any particular pieces of knowledge; we’ll be here for any help.

Prices Are Fixed in Your Currency

If the rate rises and you use a foreign service, you will have to pay more. With Usedesk, clients are given a fixed rate based their country’s currency.

Full Functionality

The trial period allows you to evaluate all the capabilities of the platform at once.

A Help Desk Platform for Business Growth

Simplify and Automate Work with Tickets

Connect up to 20 communication channels, apply filters, assign statuses, and track application processing in one convenient interface.

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Filter tickets
Track the quality and speed of customer response
Set up automatic changes of status and assignment of new tags
Connect the widget to your site — stay in touch 24/7/365
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Analyze the Results and Find the Points of Growth

Our reporting platform provides an understanding of specific points for multiple increases in the quality of support and the company as a whole.

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Expand Platform Capabilities

Take advantage of ready-made integrations or connect friendly services using our open API and SDK for iOS and Android.

Your employees will not need to switch between windows and programs; they will be able to use usual services without leaving the Usedesk platform.

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MoneyMan automated 35% of our responses in three months. The response time to customers has been reduced from 2 days to 10 hours. The number of excellent marks increased by 10%. Now, 70% of our customers rate our support as "excellent"!

We have three main tasks: measurement, control, and the ability to work with a client’s appeal on the principle of a relay race — do it yourself or pass it on to another. To begin with, we just wanted to process all orders and requests, cope with the flow and, only after that, understand how well we processed them. Processing an order in 4 hours versus a week is a completely different level of service. With Usedesk, we were able to solve all these problems.

Usedesk is a wonderful product that allows you to conduct the liveliest dialogue with the client.

Two weeks after implementation, the team began to respond 3 times faster. Now the client receives an answer in an average of 1.2 hours. Employees respond to clients in 2 clicks, and statuses do not need to be changed by hand.

More Cases
Evaluate the performance of your customer service employees

The checklist was created using international standards for customer service quality and the experience of support managers from our large client companies.

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Send us a request for an online demonstration at the time that’s convenient for you. We will give you an overview and answer any questions you may have about the system.

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