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Chat in your mobile app

GitHub SDK Connection Documentation: Android and iOS
Users get answers to questions and help from the support team without leaving the application
What chat gives you
In the chat, the user can type, copy, and paste text and express emotions using emojis. You can easily send a document, a screenshot or an illustration by attaching a file to your message or by using the camera to snap a photo
The chat will show the date and time of the outgoing message. If, at the time of sending, the smartphone loses connection and the message is not sent, it will be saved as unsent. The user will be able to send it when the internet reconnects.
Clients will receive push notifications about new messages to ensure they do not miss the operator’s response — we can enable this function upon request. If a user needs a document, a screenshot or a link that the operator once sent in response to a question, he can look at the history of the correspondence at any time and find the desired message.
Users quickly receive help in a convenient correspondence format
Support is accelerated with buttons in messages, auto-replies and a chatbot
Users get instant answers to common questions without human intervention, and operators can focus on more complex tasks. Buttons help clients find their way around and get answers to their questions faster, and auto-replies and a chatbot instantly resolve most of the requests.
The client does not have to wait, even if all operators are busy
In cases when you cannot respond to an appeal immediately, the feedback form is there to help. The client can avoid waiting by leaving his question and contact information. The operator will contact the client as soon as he is free, and no client will be left unattended.
The message is sent to Usedesk and assigned to the desired operator
The chat message turns into a ticket and is assigned to the operator. It can be assigned to any free agent or to a person who only works with chat — you set the triggers yourself.
In the ticket, the operator will immediately see the username with information about the client, which is pulled from the client’s card, and the history of the correspondence. He doesn’t have to waste time looking for the data he needs.
Instant feedback
According to statistics, clients are ready to share their impressions of the customer service in a few hours or by the next day. With the help of the chat, you can track customer satisfaction immediately after the end of the dialogue and quickly respond to negative assessments.
It is easy to understand what happened and why the user is unhappy with the history of the correspondence via the customer card and quickly find ways to fix it.
How it works
Connect Usedesk to your mobile application
Use the ready-made documentation for connecting the SDK: Android and iOS. If you don’t know how to use it, our experts will help you set up everything.
Customize the chat to fit your corporate identity
Set brand colors, icons, and any other identity to make the chat seamlessly fit into your application.
Set up automation
Set up analytics for SLA, feedback, and reports — by period or by agent. Create tags, triggers, and auto-replies, or connect a chatbot. If something doesn’t work out, our specialists will help.
Connect knowledge base to chat
To weed out some standard questions and further relieve operators of repetitive tasks, connect a knowledge base with instructions, answers to popular questions, and valuable articles about your service to the chat.
Full chat functionality
Text correspondence
Copy message text
Attach files downloaded or created by phone
Display attached photos in the chat
Quick buttons / actions
Manually send a message in case of connection loss
Date the message was sent
Time the message was sent
Message history
Search by text in message history
Information messages in auto-reply format
Push notifications for new messages – on request
Feedback form
Evaluation of the operator after the end of the dialogue
Display the username in the Usedesk ticket
Display an avatar in the Usedesk ticket – on request
Checklist for Helpdesk Implementation
We prepared a small cheat sheet in which we noted, step by step, what steps you must take in order to simplify the helpdesk implementation and avoid missing anything.
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск