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Integrate usedesk with anything you want with Zapier

Connect 750+ services with UseDesk
Zapier will help you integrate UseDesk with any other service within only 5 minutes. Zapier is a constructor which helps you unite services with each other without programming. You simply add blocks.

You get triggers which completes actions in UseDesk based on actions in other services or vice versa. They can create or export requests, add comments, send e-mails. These triggers are called zaps.

Here are the most popular services which you can create zaps with:
What You Can Do with Zaps:
  • Create a card in Trello.
  • Send a notification about a new request to Slack.
  • Create a request in UseDesk from the information in Google Tables.
  • Find an e-mail address of a new follower from Mailchimp in UseDesk and create a ticket in his card.
  • Create a request in Typeform.
How to Set Up Zapier
1. Turn on Zapier on integration page.
You will see a new channel in the channel part.
2. Here is an invitation from us to Zapier.
Register clicking the link and create your integrations to automate your working process.
3. Here is our instruction – it'll help you. If it won't – text us, we'll do it.
If you don't have any ideas what to unite UseDesk with, tell me how your work is set, we'll think of something together :)
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