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WhatsApp Support in UseDesk

6 in 1 for online and offline communication:
chat, WhatsApp instant messenger, feedback form, Knowledge base and helpdesk
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Communicate with Your Customers in All Channels
no WhatsApp message gets lost :)
You don't Lose WhatsApp Customers
Even outside of business hours your customers can text you via WhatsApp or find an answer themselves.
A customer finds the right article from the Knowledge base in a widget based on the key words. If the information isn't enough, the customer writes via a feedback form. The message goes to UseDesk from your WhatsApp business account.
What is a WhatsApp business account?
WhatsApp confirms that a cellphone number belongs to a company. The green sign next to a contact name stands for a business account of this company.
Helpdesk Included
If you can't answer a customer question right away, there is no need to create a separate ticket or an issue in a different system. The dialog has already been saved as a ticket in the customer's history. Just transfer the task to the right department. After the problem has been solved text the customer via e-mail or WhatsApp instant messenger.
All Tool for Qualitative Support and Sales
The customer service can't be any easier and nicer
Dialog Routing
A dialog goes to the right group automatically. An employee can transfer a dialog manually anytime.
Automated Responses
UseDesk sends automated responses to the frequently asked questions. Employees respond to more difficult ones.
WhatsApp Business Account
A customer sees that he talks to an operator with a verified business account.
Quality Refinement
Customers evaluate every dialog. A manager control all mistakes rapidly.