Multichannel Support

Helpdesk that helps you start with the right processes and scale your support easily
from 1 to
customer satisfaction
No Limit on The Number of Support Channels
Customers connect with you in different ways. Save the entire request history and keep the records of it in one interface.
Connect several e-mail addresses and work on customers' requests collaboratively with other departments.
UseDesk automatically creates a request with a link to the call record the moment a customer calls. The reasons for the call are taken into account.
Chat and Instant Messengers
Usedesk is compatible with instant messengers and chats as separate channels. Customers write to you using any way they want, you respond from Usedesk.
Social Media
Facebook and — your social media requests won't be lost. A customer texts you on a Facebook community, your team member responds from Usedesk.
Widget on our website has an in-built knowledge base and shows you useful articles. If the article is not the one the customer was looking for – he will report it via Widget.
With API's help, you can connect Usedesk with anything you wish – any website form, widgets, or requests from other systems.
Personal Approach to Every Customer
You understand customers better because the entire interaction history is saving in one place.

Your employees don't need to look up other systems: what kind of order a client made, when, and the balance status. Everything you need is already in a customer's profile in the additional block.
UseDesk Automates Manual Work
Customer service responsibility is not about changing statuses and choosing categories; it's about helping customers
30% More Resolved Requests
Your teams don't need to do routine work. They don't need to change statuses manually, mark the categories of requests and forward them. Create rules – it all works automatically.
More about rules
Answer Templates with Automatic Actions
You don't need to look up the right template in a Word file anymore. Templates are implemented in UseDesk and categorized, so you can find them easily. Your employees answer simple questions within a second.
More about templates
Your customers can find answers themselves in the Knowledge Base when the business day is over.

A smart widget appears on the right page and suggests articles similar to your Knowledge Base requests.
UseDesk Helps You Interact with Your Coworkers
Usedesk Monitors The Response Time and The Quality of Support
Monitoring Response Times
You establish the standard response time in SLA – Service Level Agreement. Your employees are aware of the standard, and your customers are sure that they receive responses on time.
Support Evaluation
Usedesk helps you collect feedback on your employees' work from your customers. Service will ask customers to grade their response in a particular block and give some comments on how to improve your support.
More about support evaluation
Quality and Productivity Reports
You can see what is happening with your support department and what could be improved.