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Client Support in Your App

Documentation for connection SDK: Android and iOS
Clients will receive support without leaving the app
How does it work?
Connect Knowledge Base
Instructions, answers to popular questions and other helpful information will be at the client's fingertips.
Set up analytics via CSI, SLA and feedback – by agent or period. Templates, triggers and auto-replies will help you automate your work.
Support clients
Select the icons and colors you like to make the chat look organic.
Customize for yourself
Collect and process all tickets on one interface.
Connect Usedesk to your application
More information about the product
Checklist for Helpdesk Implementation
We prepared a small cheat sheet in which we noted, step by step, what steps you must take in order to simplify the helpdesk implementation and avoid missing anything.
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск
Пособие по работе с клиентами от Юздеск