Useful Reports

help make the right decisions and improve the quality of your support
takes into account the load on the support team and their skills
maintains the level of service and response time
increases customers' satisfaction
Main indicators in reports
Monitor how your team cope with the flow of incoming requests and if the team manage to respond in time. If you see that your team don't cope with the work load, you should consider hiring more people or change the timetable.
Response Time
Customers expect to receive a quick and accurate response. Check the reports and see if the expectations are justified: how much time employees need to respond and how many problems were solved with only one answer.
Reasons for Requests
Analyze what questions are asked most frequently. If you have too many requests on the same subject, maybe it's time to check and fix the procedures.
UseDesk Shows Data in Any Scale
Filter the report by the channel, group and tag if you are looking for a problem zone. This shows you the questions your team spend most time responding to and what group can't cope with the load.
Business Hours
For companies that don't work day and night UseDesk takes only business hours into account when it comes to calculating the response time between the first connection and the completion of the request. If a customer sent a message outside of business hours, the calculation begins from the beginning of the next business day.
Quality of Support
Service Level Agreement report
Response Time Compliance
Quality control: How many responses were given in time and how many were not? The graphic shows whether the number of late responses has increased.
Analysis of Late Responses
Closely check the requests with overdue indicators in every channel and group. You will see the subject of the request, see what went wrong, and see why your employees couldn't respond in time.
Agent Reports
Results for every indicator – motivate slower employees and praise better ones
UseDesk reports show agent rating by every indicator. You know who's been doing his job well and who needs additional training. Based on the reports you can easily establish KPI for a fair evaluation of your employees. Your team won't question why Smith got his bonus and Jones didn't.
Customers' Satisfaction
Customer Service Index report
Performance and Error Correction
The report shows how many high and how many low grades employees received. The comments show what exactly the customer didn't like. You have easy access to the request itself so you can work on error correction.
Prevent Negative Feedback
If you compare the grades to the request topics, you'll see which answer templates customers don't like. Update your templates on complex topics, add some useful information to avoid additional questions and doubts. It helps prevent negative grades.