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What are the Benefit of Switching from Intercom?

Prices in UseDesk are not affected by US Dollar rate change, and are not tied to the number of active users of your service.
Base pricing package of UseDesk covers unlimited number of active users and multiple communication channels: live chat, telephony, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Viber, and integrations with Whatsapp and Instagram are also available for extra charge.
Support and Implementation
We are interesting in building an outstanding support for you – we customize UseDesk for your processes.
Host UseDesk on Your Server
If the security policy in your company requires keeping everything on company's servers, we will install UseDesk on premises in couple of days.
Pay in Rubles and Have a Contract
Prices are not affected by US Dollar rate change. We negotiate the terms of the contract with your lawyer, and the accounting department receives the acts of acceptance and the invoices to proceed with payments.
Unique Integration
We are integrated with retailCRM, Mango Telecom, Gravitel, Vkontakte, Telegram, and Odnoklassniki.
UseDesk reduces and optimizes the support costs
We have compared the functionality and pricing for you
Cloud-Based UseDesk
Price per month
2 500 р. / 1 employee and unlimited active customers
$53 (3 355,66 р.) /
250 active customers
Price per year
24 000 р. / 1 employee and unlimited active customers
$636 (40 267,89 р.) /
250 active customers
Support Channels
Live Chat
Messages & Comments
Messages & Comments
Mango Telecom, Gravitel
Ticket Processing Options
Message forwarding
Transfer of a message from one channel to another (for example, from social media to email)
Internal comments
Communication history in ticket interface
Related Tickets
Mentioning the external employees that are not in the system
Response templates
SLA (desired response time)
Personalized request filtering for agents to use
Additional data fields in ticket (for example, request category)
Request Tagging
Request Prioritization and Categorization
Request Search
Customer Card
Extended contact details (messengers, social networks)
Grouping by company
Communication history
Internal notes
Customer Segmentation
Automatically Triggered Answers
Use of rules in request processing (assignment, status update, etc.)
Auto-assignment only
Enabled by triggers
Notifications and welcome messages
Knowledge Base
Knowledge base
Language Localization
Location on external domain
Widget Integration
Export to Excel
Report on each channel
SLA Report
Report on tags and add. fields
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)