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Why Usedesk?

We are Your Right Hand
While your support team takes care of your customers, we make sure that UseDesk is easy and beneficial for the team.
UseDesk helps companies to build attentive support and stay closer to the customers
to support your buyers
Payment Systems
to support merchants and those who pays
Service Providers
to deliver service support
to enable support for anyone from scratch
Why UseDesk
How We Help
Why We Are Better
Development Plan
UseDesk makes it easy to build the customer support from scratch and scale the model when your company grows.

In smaller teams of 3-5 people, Outlook can be replaced with UseDesk to better organize the customer communications.

In medium-size and large companies, UseDesk can become a solution for the contact center as it connects all channels and customer data from CRM and other internal systems.

UseDesk is a system for request tracking and processing, and it focuses on customer support optimization and delivery of the great support to the customers. It is not a tool to track conversions and transactions, or to create a to-do list for the sales department.
One of the founders came up with an idea of creating a "user-friendly" helpdesk, after he had a negative experience of contacting a customer support. They have refused to help him because he reported an issue with Internet connection but could not recall the ticket number that he was given during the first communication. Obviously, the company has implemented an IT service-desk that is designed to work with IT-related requests and incidents but not with people.

We realized that there is a need for a tool that would help to communicate with customers in one language and facilitate problem resolution with no customer effort. A solution where a customer does not have to memorize a ticket number and agents don't need to apply for certification before they start working with the system. Thus, UseDesk was born.
We are not that type of service that gives you login and password and says "bye-bye", waving your money in hand. We are truly interested to see how UseDesk benefits your business. Together with our users, we analyze the current state of the support and, then, we help to organize workflow so that various departments work with customer requests as one mechanism.

We can enable the process where the customer questions go to right assignee, statuses and responsible agent are visible, and not a single customer request gets lost.

We automate tedious manual operations to shorten the chain of actions, which starts with request submission and ends with complete resolution. Setup and training are complimentary.

If something goes wrong — we are here to fix it quickly.

If you think that there is something that can be added as a function, we are open to suggestions. Further, we can discuss the custom add-ons on a paid basis, if you do not want to wait for the function to be available to all users.
We learn from the experience of other companies, whether they were successful or not. We conduct researches regarding the support service in different markets.

We follow the trends in the support industry. Recently, we have launched UseBots, project — development of useful chatbots that automate the support in instant messengers.

We like to share our knowledge. Even if you are not a customer of us, we offer the support audit to find the weak areas in your processes along with the ideas on how to improve the support.

We believe that not only processes are important but friendly approach to the customers too. That's why we help to build a communication strategy — how to say hello and goodbye, how to calm down an angry customer, how to say "no", or how to deal with a customer's emotions.
We honor Glvrd and can help you to draft the response templates that customers will find easy to understand. They will feel that you care about them.

The favorite thing for us to do is to learn from our users, so we dive deep into the details of the business. We are eager to learn "how it works" in your company. We discuss our users' goals, ideas, and experience to make UseDesk even a better solution to deliver amazing customer service.
We are not hiding our development plans and have a dashboard that is open to public — know the new features we are working on, review the goals and priorities: