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Let UseDesk and the systems you already use to become best friends to boost the support quality.

Integrate UseDesk into the Everyday Life of Your Company

Data Blocks with Customer Details
UseDesk displays relevant information from CRM, CMS or payment platform in additional data blocks. Account balance, the status of the contracting process, a list of orders and payments — all comes in handy to deliver fast help to the customers.

Let the agents work on the answer, instead of making them jumping from one system to another.
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AppFollow delivers to UseDesk notifications containing app reviews from App Store and Google Play

Send the responses to app reviews directly from UseDesk. Subscribe to AppFollow it easily integrates with UseDesk.
Reviews & Updates Monitor
for App Store & Google Play

Create a ticket from a brand mentioning in user-generated content on social media
No matter where the customers are talking about you, YouScan catches every brand mentioning and allows processing them all in one place: social media, LJ and Pikabu,,,, Yandex.Market , Ozon, Answers, and thousands more of forums and media. Even the public channels in Telegram are monitored.

Every brand mentioning can be transformed into a ticket in UseDesk, and you can process it in the same manner as a regular customer request.

Carrot Quest

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Create a ticket from a conversation and avoid overlooking the problems.
Carrot Quest collects valuable information about the website visitors, based on which it triggers sending the messages through a live chat, website widgets, email or messengers.

When during a conversation in Carrot Quest, a customer says he found a bug, or asks for documents from the accounting department, you can create a ticket in UseDesk as easy as by one command '/usedesk'.

UseDesk works great with the best ever CRM for online-stores.
The information about the customer order is populated on the request, below the customer card: date, amount, payment status, and delivery details.

Managers no longer need to waste time opening another window to find the customer by email and validate the order status in CRM.
Helps online-store managers.
1. Yandex.Speller corrects the grammar — in Russian, English and Ukrainian languages.

2. Glvrd eliminates verbiage in the text and ensures the content is presented in appropriate style.

3. Lebedev studio’s typograf removes double spaces, replaces the hyphen with a long dash, and vertical quotation marks — with angle quotation marks.
Deliver clean and clear answers with no grammar mistakes
botmother| — a platform for creating useful bots for Telegram and Facebook without any engineering.

Chatbot delivers the customers answers to the frequently asked questions.

More complex questions are forwarded to UseDesk for the real agents to handle.
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Free up the support team by 80%
Using Zapier, you can connect anything to UseDesk as quick as in 5 minutes. This automation tool allows connecting the apps, and no engineering is needed.

Here's what you can do:
  • Create a card in Trello
  • Send a notification about a request to Slack
  • Create a request in UseDesk from Google Sheets
Connect UseDesk with +750 apps
Every incoming phone call automatically creates a ticket in UseDesk.

The conversation is recorded and attached to the ticket. Add comments and tags to your phone conversations to see what you are talking about more often.
Consider each communication
Live Chat
Chat widget is built-in into the website. The agents can answer the urgent questions promptly and take orders online.
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Live conversations
Чат на сайте с мессенджерами
List of payments
Customer card on UseDesk displays the online payment status in PayU system.

You no longer need to contact the support of the third-party payment system or login into admin account to see the payment processing status
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Advise on payment issues
Social network
Are your customers keep contacting you through the messages to your public account in social media or post questions on the wall?

UseDesk allows the agents to monitor the messages in social media and reply immediately.

By reviewing the statistics, you can identify which social network is the most popular among your customers.
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Use customer's preferred method of communication
Artificial Intelligence
Smart robot scans the text of the customer request and offers a relevant canned answer to the agent.
Make the team work easier
Build-in UseDesk Chat into an app for iOS or Android.

All the developer needs is here:
Provide native support
Working time tracker
By integrating with TMetric, you can track the time spent on the particular tasks by the agents. This is a solution to effective resource management.
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Keep it under control