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Honest Evaluation of Support Quality

Collect customer feedback with UseDesk: customers can evaluate each answer
they received and share the ideas on how to improve the support.
Пример оценки качества поддержки

Feedback in Hot Pursuit

We do not send a separate email asking to evaluate the support experience.

A customer is likely to delete such email without even opening it, or, if he opens it, he hardly can remember what it is about — as a result, you collect just few evaluations and some of them are dishonest.

Instead, we provide a link to evaluate the response in every email so that a customer rates the support experience in hot pursuit by praising or blaming you.
Оценка поддержки в письме
Practice has shown that using a CSI function in UseDesk leads to
a positive customer feedback after the second communication.
When we notice that something is wrong,
we contact the customer to discuss what he thinks is wrong, and
do everything possible to make the customer happy and keep him.
Report to Be Pride or to Work Through Mistakes
Пример отчета по удовлетворенности клиентов
The report shows a manager how many high and low grades the support team were given. The manager knows the reasons of customer dissatisfaction, and he can go directly to the problematic request to figure out where an agent made a mistake.
Be Ahead of the Game
By noticing the connection between the low grades and the subject of the request, you can identify the canned answers that customers do not like.

Update the templates that are used for complex questions, add more information, so that the customers do not have any additional questions or doubts.

This will help to avoid another negative grading for the same reasons.
Benefit from Critics
Low grading is a chance to correct the mistakes and become better.

Always reply to negative feedback to show the customers that their opinion is important to you not only in words, but in deeds also.

Customize and Personalize

Настройка запроса оценки в help desk
There is no need to ask every single customer to provide a feedback to each email. You can setup the conditions, such as the channel and the status of the request, which will trigger adding a customer survey to the response body. To make sure the customer does not miss evaluation request, change its color in the text of the message.