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Help desk интегрирован с чатом на сайте и мессенджерами

Knowledge Base and Self-Service

Save your customers' time spent on calls and emails on the straight-forward matters.
The answers to frequently asked questions can be quickly found via a knowledge base widget.

Promote Customers Self-Help & Agents Self-Education

База знаний в чате
Your Domain Name
When the customers see your domain name in the knowledge base, they trust the information.
Your Color
Use the colors of your brand when designing a knowledge base.

To update the standard interface of a knowledge base so that it resembles your website, IT specialist can apply any scripts.
No limits on amount of KBs
You can create multiple knowledge bases, where each one specifically addresses the needs of every department. This enables centralized storage of all current procedures and guidance.
База знаний в чате
Faster Is Better
All the agents may need are saved in one place: scripts, complex guidance, and documentation from other departments. Agents find the answers quickly and the customers do not wait for long.
To Help Employees
Add articles for internal training. New hires will no longer need to waste time searching for information from various sources or Word documents.
Always Right Answers
Only the manager and some senior employees have access to article editing – this prevents adding of unverified information to the knowledge base.

Smart Widget

База знаний в чате
Customers can go find answers for themselves in the knowledge base on a website, even outside of live customer service operating hours.
Smart knowledge base widget appears on a webpage in the right place and displays a list of potentially relevant articles.
When a customer cannot find an answer, he can leave a message for support team through the request submission form.
База знаний в чате
Article Suggestion
Setup the widget to automatically suggest a customer only the relevant articles based the webpage he is on.
Form Autofilling
When the widget is displayed in the customer's profile, the request submission form is auto-filled with customer name and email — the customer just types in the question.
Customized Interface
Change widget's icon and colors so that it follows website design and does not look like it does not belong here. If your customers are English-speakers, select the English language for the widget.