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Customer Support Reporting

To help you make the right decisions and improve the quality of service.
Distribute a workload and the resources of the support team
Make sure you deliver the required level of service and respond in a timely manner.
Improve customer satisfaction


Reports on Key Support Metrics

Отчет эффективности поддержки клиентов
Gain insights into how good the support team handles the current request flow and manages to complete all incoming tasks.

If you realize that the team is overwhelmed, you should hire more employees or change the schedule.
Response time
Customers want to get full answers quickly — from the first reply.

Learn from the reports:
  • How long does it take an agent to deliver an answer
  • How many questions are answered by a single reply
Reasons why customers are contacting you
Identify the most frequently asked questions.

When you see that there are too many requests on the same issue, it is a good reason to review and correct the relevant procedures.
Data Sliced and Diced
To identify a problem, use data filters by channel, group, and tag.

Viewing the data from different angles allows to detect the connections between data points, and to identify the questions that take more time to answer, or a group of agents that does not manage the workload well.
Considering Hours of Operation
For the teams that do not work 24/7, UseDesk Reporting considers only the actual hours of operations when calculating the first response time and the resolution time.

When a customer submits a request outside of hours of support operation, metrics calculation starts at the time when the next working day begins.

Level of Service Quality

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports

SLA (уровень качества обслуживания)
Response Time Compliance
Keep the service quality under control:

  • how many responses were delivered on time in accordance with established SLA terms
  • how many responses were delayed.
The graph gives a clear picture of increase in the number of delayed responses and when it has started to grow.
Delayed Response Time Analysis
Deep analysis of the delayed responses in terms of the channel, group or subject of the requests.

Identify the reasons why the agents were not delivering the responses within the established time frames.
Agent Reports
Инвормация о клиенте в тикете

UseDesk Reporting evaluates an agent's performance by reviewing every metric.

You know who is the most efficient in your team, and who needs additional training.

Using the reports, it is easier to set proper KPIs to measure the performance adequately.

The team won't question why Smith got his bonus and Jones didn't..
Инвормация о клиенте в тикете

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Index (CSI) Report

CSI (удовлетворенность клиентов)
Improvement by Working Through Mistakes
Customer satisfaction report (CSI) shows how many high or low grades the support team were given.

The comments explain the reason for customer dissatisfaction.

Go directly to the problematic request to figure out where an agent made a mistake.
Prevent Negative Feedback
By noticing the connection between the low grades and the subject of the request, you can identify the canned answers that customers do not like.

Update the templates that are used for complex questions, add more information, so that the customers do not have any additional questions or doubts.

This will help to avoid another negative grading for the same reasons.