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Help desk интегрирован с чатом на сайте и мессенджерами

Messages and Comments from Social Networks
Come Along With Other Tickets in One Place

You no longer need to have multiple social media apps open. Track the comments and respond to customers' questions directly from UseDesk — as easy as chatting.
Customer wants to get in contact
Customer sends messages on, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook, or leaves a comment to your post on social media.
Ticket is created in UseDesk
Comments and messages are sent to UseDesk just like any other ticket from another channel. You can add tags, change status, or assign an agent. Messages and comments are equipped with the same features and functions as other tickets.
Reply to a message is sent on behalf of the group
Agent replies directly from UseDesk, and the customer gets the message containing a signature block of the group or the company.
Why you need UseDesk for social networking
Not to miss questions and
not to lose customers
You've posted a picture of the kittens and you were expecting to get many likes. Instead, the comments to the picture are submitted by angry customers looking for answers to the questions and complaining on some issues. UseDesk ensures that you don't miss a single comment, so you answer every question and don't lose customer.
Have a customer history in one place
Customer already has contacted you via Email, he also sent a message on Facebook, and, now, he just has commented your new post – UseDesk saves all communications with the customer allowing an agent to keep working with the customer from one interface.
Receive reports on questions contained in comments
How often the customers leave the comments? Which topics? How many comments are processed by the team? Now, the statistics on all social networks activities is in one place.