Stop keeping the customers waiting for answers for too long — all requests submitted through a chat or a messenger are transferred directly into UseDesk
Website messengers and online chat
7 days free trial — Easy setup — Easy to use
7 days free trial — Easy setup — Easy to use

All the tools needed to deliver online support and sales

Processing the customer requests has never been easier.
автоматическая передача тикетов
Automatic Assignment
A chat-conversation is assigned to a group of selected agents automatically, while an agent still can transfer the conversation to another employee at any moment manually.
UseDesk allows sending auto-replies to the frequently asked questions. Support agents can spent more time working on complicated tickets.
Productivity, response time, customer satisfaction, individual agent reports, and many other reporting features.
Оценка качества обслуживания
Quality Control
Customers evaluate each conversation, thus, the manager is aware of every mistake done by the support team.
Customers can go find answers for themselves in the knowledge base on a website, even outside of customer service operating hours.
Чат на сайте с базой знаний и мессенджерами
Self-service helps the customers to help themselves, without a need to involve the support team. Satisfied customers — happy company.
Smart knowledge base widget appears on a webpage in the right place and displays a list of potentially relevant articles.
When a customer cannot find an answer, he can leave a message for the support team through the request submission form.
Чат на сайте с базой знаний и мессенджерами
Helpdesk works under the hood
When a customer's request cannot be resolved right away, you do not need to duplicate a ticket by creating a task or case in another system

The dialogue with the customer has already been saved as a ticket in the communication history. Just forward that ticket with the question to the right agent, and once the issue is resolved, inform the customer via email or messenger.