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Multi-channel Helpdesk System

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Unlimited Number of Support Channels

Connect multiple mailbox accounts. Collaborate with other departments involved in customer service.
When receiving a call, UseDesk creates a new ticket automatically which contains a link to the conversation recording. The reasons for the calls are tracked.
Live chat and messengers
Chat on your website, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook. Using the chatbots or not. All the channels are in one place.
Social networks
Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, Instagram – when a customer contacts through a social network, an agent can respond directly from UseDesk.
Website widget
A knowledge base widget displays useful articles, and if the article does not answer a customer's question, he can send you a message.
Using API, you can connect anything to UseDesk - a submission form, data from other systems and CRM.
Individual Approach to Each Customer
Инвормация о клиенте в тикете
All information about communications with a customer is stored in UseDesk — which always comes in handy.
The details needed to give an answer are right there — in a customer's profile, where an additional blocks inside of the ticket allows the agents to always be on top of things.
Customers can be grouped by the company to make the communications fast and organized.
Customer's profile can be enriched through option to populate any data from your CRM. For example, order details. The agents do not need to do duplicating work.
Инвормация о клиенте в тикете

Customer Support Automation

30% more request get processed
The team is freed from routine activities.

Setup the rules and everything will work on its own.

No need to change the statuses manually, just add tags and distribute the requests.

Canned Response Templates with Automated Actions
An agent responds to simple questions within seconds.

You no longer need to browse multiple documents to find a proper template.

The templates are saved in UseDesk, where they are categorized to enable faster search.


Customer Self-Service

База знаний в чате
Customers can go find answers for themselves in the knowledge base on a website, even outside of live customer service operating hours.
Smart knowledge base widget appears on a webpage in the right place and displays a list of potentially relevant articles.
When a customer does not find an answer, he can leave a message for support team through the request submission form.
База знаний в чате
Customer profile
Internal comments
Collision detector

Customer's contacts and the request history are kept close at hand. Any agent can handle the request by having the details of previous communications.

Using the internal comments that are hidden from the customers, a support agent can reach out for help from colleagues from other departments.

If more than one agent has the request open, a notification will appear so they don't duplicate their efforts on the request.


Отчеты о поддержке

Productivity report shows how effective the support team is.
SLA report shows whether the team provides timely responses to the customers.
Agent report shows the performance of each employee individually.
CSAT report shows whether the customers are satisfied with the quality of the support.
Отчеты о поддержке

Control of Response Time and Quality of Support

Control of response time
You set a standard SLA response times - Service Level Agreement.

Agents understand and adhere to the standards, and customers are ensured that they will receive a timely answer.
Evaluation of Support Quality
UseDesk helps to collect customer feedback on the quality of the support

Special section is provided for the customers to evaluate each answer they received and share the ideas on how to improve the support.