Integration with Pointer

Pointer automates the work with reviews and mentions you in 2GIS, Yandex, Google and Apple Maps, search engines, and social networks. But how can you track the actual workload of the operators who are responding to these reviews? How can you understand who closed how many tasks, how quickly they answered, how conscientiously the employees are working, and what clients write about most often? Connect Pointer to Usedesk and solve all these tasks at once.
About Pointer
Clients come to you from the internet, and you'll know everything they're saying about you
Through Pointer, you can connect and send information about yourself to 30+ sites on the internet at once. Changes in your work schedule, prices, photos, the latest news, and promotions automatically appear on all platforms at once, and you don't have to add or change them manually.
People find you in search engines, on maps, navigators, taxi services, and social networks, and you'll know how many people saw your company card, built a route, went to your website, looked at photos of your stores, or called you. As soon as someone publishes a review about you, you'll find out about it without going to the site, and you can quickly respond.
On the other hand…
With each new channel, employees have less time and make more mistakes
Pointer is your guide to the internet but will contribute to the long list of simultaneously open tabs and applications. Checking messages and comments on social networks, responding to calls and messages, emailing and chatting on the site, finding customer contacts in CRM – it is easy to make a mistake in such conditions: to mix up clients, forget about an order, or not notice an application notification. Attention is scattered, and the speed of work drops. Sound familiar?
To minimize errors and speed up the work of operators, it is best to combine all channels in one place. Instead of having a dozen windows open, you open Usedesk and respond to customers without going to different sites. Usedesk is a customer support system that connects to all communication channels and integrates with many services, including Pointer.
What does integration with Usedesk give you?
Feedback or mentions go from Pointer to Usedesk and are assigned to an operator
The task enters the general queue or goes directly to the required operator. This can be any free agent or a person who only works with specific channels or topics.
For example, an employee who only responds to reviews in 2GIS, Yandex, Google, and Apple Maps or does everything related to delivery. You set up the rules yourself.
Employees don't waste time
In Usedesk, you can configure rules to automatically close tickets with irrelevant reviews.
Operators will only process reviews and mentions that require the attention of the support department. This saves a lot of time.
Templates further speed up operators' work
In Usedesk, you can create any number of standard answers for different common situations (for example, comments expressing gratitude for positive reviews).
Operators can respond to them with one click and spend more time processing requests, substantial complaints, and claims.
Easily track the workload of each employee and motivate the team
The system itself assigns an SLA (response rate) to the ticket depending on the site or certain words in the review text – you set the rules yourself. The ticket immediately turns on a timer and records the speed at which the operator solves the problem. At any time, you can generate a report on an employee with indicators of his work (for example, how quickly he answers and solves problems).
Employees will know that all of their work is visible and will not waste time. If you take this information into account when calculating bonuses, you can build an effective motivational system.
Easily identify massive problems and customer wishes
If the operator sees that the same customer questions are asked repeatedly, he can assign tags to tickets with such questions. This will help you quickly collect statistics about a flaw or problem with the product or the most popular wishes of customers.
For example, suppose customers start complaining about delivery. In that case, you tag such tickets, upload a report, and pass the information on to the responsible employees to solve the problem globally. This way, you can quickly resolve the issue before it turns into a disaster.
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