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Official integration with Instagram

Connect Instagram to Usedesk and reply to posts, mentions, comments in a single window.
Do clients send direct messages, write comments and react to stories and mentions in publications? Is it challenging to keep track of everything and not miss anything? Now everything can be collected in Usedesk — respond from one window, automate the work with requests, and track statuses.
Find out why Instagram integrations are so popular
Don't miss a single message or mention
A direct message, a comment on a post, a reply to a story — everything will immediately go to Usedesk along with the nickname and username. Reply to the client directly from the ticket. Not a single request will be lost or ignored.
Solve clients' issues even faster
Speed up the work of customer support — send a greeting automatically as soon as the user enters a direct message. Create buttons with quick responses for clients and set up rules — according to them, an SLA and an employee will be assigned for each request, depending on the subject or other parameters.
Use hit statistics to improve service quality
View reports on any indicator in Usedesk:
•follow the dynamics of requests on different topics using tags and respond on time
•control the speed and quality of employees' work
•monitor customer satisfaction with automatic collection of service quality scores
Keep your and your customers' data safe
Official integration ensures that your account and user data will not get to scammers, and all messages, comments, and mentions will get from Instagram to Usedesk without failures or dumps.
200+ communication channels
You can connect 200+ communication channels to Usedesk: chats, messengers, social networks, e-mail services, applications, review sites, and forums.
Process all tickets, reviews, and mentions of your company in a single window.