Helpdesk: a ticketing and support system for the IT department

Usedesk is a great example of a help desk system that allows IT professionals to prioritize work, process, and keep track of user tickets.

Helpdesk systems help optimize the work of technical support through the use of time-saving tools, such as user self-service, business process automation and knowledge bases.
We will respond within one business day
Help Desk program for business growth
Simplify and automate work with tickets
Connect up to 20 communication channels, apply filters, create templates, set up rules for auto-responses to standard questions
Filter tickets
Monitor quality and quickly respond to customers
Connect the widget to the site – stay in touch 24/7
Set up automatic status changes and assignment of new tags
Application management
Assign executors
Set priorities
Control which employees are responsible for all customer tickets
Assign statuses to tickets, set up individual fields, lists, and filtering
Set up segmentation
Prioritize tickets to show what to do first
Find information
Find the information you need in two clicks
Helpdesk system for automation
1. Templates
Save ready-made answers and process frequently asked questions in one click
Templates for answers to frequently asked questions
Answer familiar questions in one click. Templates are divided into categories by topic for quick search.
Adding Documents
Attaching documents to templates means you do not have to look for a commercial offer or contract every time.
Automation of routine tasks
The specified actions in templates automatically change request statuses and add the necessary tags. If an employee has selected an incorrect status, the template will correct the error.
2. Triggers
Create triggers to automate your routine. Support will be able to concentrate on customers while the helpdesk processes typical tickets.
Assigning an employee
A call with the topic "payment" is sent immediately to the accounting department, and the topic "bug on the site" is sent to the second line of technical support.
You are setting:
Conditions — what query parameters are checked ,
Actions — what actions are taken with requests .
Manager's notification
If an employee has delayed the response, or the client has given a bad mark, the manager receives a notification by mail.
Response automation
According to the keywords in the message, the rule determines the essence of the client's question and immediately sends an auto-response.
Changing the sender's email address
If the message came from a no-reply address, the rule changes it to the client's email from the message or the subject of the letter.
Priority Boost
Emails from important customers are automatically prioritized by being the first in the queue to be answered.
Sometimes a customer forgets to answer your question and the problem remains unresolved. This trigger sends a reminder.
Usedesk has already generated ready-made reports on the main indicators to track the effectiveness of the department.
See the load on the team
Monitor how the support team copes with incoming requests in order to adjust the staff.
Speed and quality of responses
Control how long it takes to answer and solve the client's problem so that the client is always satisfied.
Ticket's topics
Analyze what issues customers contact the helpdesk about most often and prepare templates for a quick response.
Based on reports, it's easy to set KPIs to evaluate employee performance fairly. You will find out who is the most valuable in the team, and who needs to be taken to training urgently.
Data in any section
To find the point where problems occurred, filter the report by channel, group, or tag.
Only business hours are taken into account.
If the client wrote a message outside of working hours, the countdown will start from the beginning of the work day.
Knowledge Base
Store and structure the knowledge base: instructions, articles, documentation, process descriptions, and everything that will help your employees and customers find information on standard questions and save time overall.
Quickly search
Everything to help customers in one place: scripts, instructions, regulations for different departments. Articles are structured into sections and categories for an even easier search.
Detailed onboarding
Create internal articles to train your team during staff expansion or high turnover. Beginners will not have to spend hours looking for information in disparate systems and Word files.
Only correct answers
Only the manager and the best agents have access to edit articles, so unverified information will not appear in the knowledge base.
Helpdesk system at a reasonable price
Pay Quarterly or Annually with a Discount
Minimum 3 agents required
Per agent monthly
Email and telephony
$ 50
3 months
Social networks and messengers:
Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram
Response templates
Caring Support
Individual Tariff
Big company? Special requirements?
Knowledge Base
For an enterprise with global scale and security, we are ready to calculate individual payment terms
$ 50
12 months
WhatsApp (1 phone number),
Viber (1 phone number), Skype
Additional channels
Starts from $ 90
per channel/month
Price for one agent per month.
3 agents minimum.