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Support service

Who is an agent?
An agent is a support team person who will use Usedesk. So, if your support team has 5 operators who communicate with customers and use Usedesk to send messages to colleagues, you will need a tariff for 5 agents.

Each agent can have extended (administrator) or reduced access rights to the system.
What happens after the free period?
After the free trial period, you will choose a tariff and payment method.But if Usedesk does not suit you, nothing will happen; you will not need to pay for anything.
We are already using a different system; can you help with the move?
Of course, we will help you move and customize Usedesk for you. No stress or hassle.
What are the payment options?
You can pay with a regular card or by bank transfer from a legal entity.
Can we sign a contract?
Yes, we will send you a sample contract and consult with your lawyer and accountant, if necessary.
We need help with setup and implementation; can you help?
And how ! Here's what we can help with:

1. Audit of your processes: discuss how it works now, advise you on how to optimize it, draw diagrams.

2. Connect your channels of communication with clients.

3. Set up filters for requests for different groups.

4. Add automation rules and response templates to Usedesk.

5. Train employees who will work with appeals and administrators.

The minimum package is 20 hours for 50,000 rubles. Usually, this is enough for a complete system setup and training of 5-7 employees.
Do I need help from our IT department to install Usedesk?
No. To work in the cloud version of Usedesk, you do not need to involve anyone – Usedesk works in your browser like a regular website. All you need is Internet access.
Will you teach us how to work with the system?
There are no unnecessary buttons and there's a loaded interface in Usedesk. It usually takes 30 minutes for support staff to figure out how to work it. We have a knowledge base with detailed articles on how the service works and how to configure it correctly for administrators. Still, if you need a thorough consultation, we will always help.
Do you provide support if we have any questions while using Usedesk?
Yes, we promptly answer all your questions by email, chat, social networks or instant messenger. If something breaks, you can contact us at any time of the day or night.
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