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UseDesk Organizes Qualitative
Communication with Your Customers
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UseDesk is useful for companies that are fed up with using different interfaces for interaction with their customers,
keeping text templates in Word files and keeping the request report in Excel.
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UseDesk Helps Create
a Better Service by 3 Steps:
Organize Customer Support from The Very Beginning in All Channels
No matter which channel brought you a request: e-mail, a phone call, instant messenger, a website form - every request will be received and corresponded to the right department. Communication history will be shown in the same interface, therefore employees don't miss any requests.

Reduce The Load on Your Customer Service Department by 50%
UseDesk helps work with loads of requests. If a customer's question is simple, they will find the answer themselves on our Knowledge Base. With the help of automation rules you'll free your team from routine and automate half of the template answers.
Analyze Results and Increase Customers' Satisfaction
Our reports show if your employees don't work well enough and your customers aren't satisfied. It helps you react quickly: correct your employees' errors and shore up your procedures.
What UseDesk Can Do
How UseDesk makes the work of your support department easier and your customers happier
Multichannel Helpdesk – All You Need to Launch Your Support within 1 Day
UseDesk works with all sorts of channels: e-mail, phone calls, and chat. The customer service department uses one interface for their work.

– E-mail chaos disappears: all requests are sorted out based on their status and category and forwarded to the right people or departments. No request is lost.

– Your team don't waste time on simple questions. Thanks to automation rules customers receive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions within a minute.
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Knowledge Base for Self-service
Give your customers a chance to quickly find answers to their questions themselves.

– With the help of the widget on your website your customer will find the right article in the Knowledge Base by key words.

– The widget will recommend some useful articles depending on the page your customer is on.
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Helps Improve the Quality of Your Customer Service
The reports show how satisfied your customers are and if there are any mistakes in your employees' work. You'll know how busy the support department is and when you need to hire some more people.

What UseDesk measures:

— CSI: customer satisfaction index;

— the speed and the number of responses of every agent, group and the whole team;

— the reasons for requests;

— SLA: how well your employees maintain your standards for customer service and how many requests are responded to on time.
The Implemention of UseDesk
We will set up UseDesk for you if you are new to helpdesk services or you don't have time to do it. First of all, we will conduct an audit of your support department, discuss your goals and organize all your processes wisely.
How we helped Nikolay
We help with launching and setting up UseDesk so it makes your work easier

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UseDesk was a gift from the heavens for our Customer Support staff. They found it incredibly difficult to work with our old tracker, this is why UseDesk made them exceptionally elated.
Olga Mglintseva
Head of Customer Service department «Mobilnaya Karta»
We automated our support service by 35% within 3 months. Our positive feedback increased by 10%. Now 70% of our customers grade our support service as "Excellent"! UseDesk support is what you need from the very beginning.
Anna Trofimova
Head of Customer Service Department, MoneyMan
Easily opens, easily installed, easy to use, easy to customize. Simplicity and and great functions – this is UseDesk.
Artem Ishonin
Qlean & Shelly, Industrial Magic
The system shows when an employee received the request, when he responded, what he did to respond, and whether the response was right or not. I can log in any time and check what is happening on UseDesk and which requests are being worked on. This tool lets us increase the quality of our work in all of our channels for interaction with customers.
Sergey Tsygankov
Deputy Head of Customer Service at Velobike
The Results of Our Customers
3 months after implemention
6 times faster
Response speed
20% higher
Customers' satisfaction
1 hour saved
every day for the Customer Service Department