UseDesk меню
UseDesk pricing
Two subscription packages
no difficulties or extra charges.
The Cloud
  • up to 5 employees
  • all features included
  • 3-month subscription
EUR 500 per 3 month
On Premise
UseDesk isn't the type of service you can take code from and change yourself.
We implement the service and customize it, taking into account all the IT features of your company's infrastructure.

Text us to discuss your project
UseDesk opportunities
Support price of one support agent
EUR 40 with a one year subscription

EUR 45 with a 3-month subscription
A EUR 500 payment includes a 3-month subscription with up to 5 users
Telephony integration
Knowledge base
Feedback request
Business hours in reports
Zapier integration
Extra fields
Glavred and error correction
Co-browsing in chat
Technical questions
Payment and contract questions
How is the service implemented and how much time does it take?
For 10 support employees the implementation takes about 15 hours or 3 business days and costs 30 000 RUR. If you're not in Moscow, we'll come to your office. If you're too far, we'll provide Skype webinars.

1. We audit your processes: we discuss the way it is now, advise on optimization, draw up a visualization – 4 hours.

2. We connect your support channels – 30 min.

3. We set up filters to find requests in all your communities – 1 hour.

4. We add the rules of automatization and templates of answers to UseDesk – 7 hours.

5. We teach your employees and administrators how to use the service - 2.5 hours.
Will we need the help of our IT department to set up UseDesk?
No help needed to set up the cloud version of UseDesk. It works in any browser just like a regular website. You only need Internet access.
How do we connect e-mail to the service?
To receive e-mails you need to set up redirects from your e-mail address into our UseDesk e-mail. To send e-mails you need to enter your e-mail login, password, SMTP host and port in the UseDesk settings. Don't worry – any of your company's IT specialists can help you with that.
Our security department doesn't allow us to work in the cloud. Can you adjust your service to our system?
To discuss a project please send your proposal to
Our employees aren't good at IT systems at all. How long will the learning take in this case?
UseDesk doesn't have unnecessary buttons or an overloaded interface. Usually it takes only 30 minutes before employees understand how to respond to customers using UseDesk. For administrators we have the Knowledge Base with detailed articles about the service and how it works, and also how to set it up.
Do you provide any support service in case we have some questions using UseDesk?
Yes, we work from 10 to 7 Monday – Friday and respond within 2 hours. If something isn't working, we can get in touch at any time.
Our lawyer and the accounting department require a hard copy of the agreement. Is it possible?
Yes, we will send a sample of the agreement and approve it with your lawyer and accountant if it is necessary.
How can we pay?
We take bank card payments and bank transfers from your company's accounts.
Do you provide monthly receipts?
Yes, if you pay via bank transfer from a company account.
Can we avoid paperwork?
Yes, if you accept our terms and conditions, a hard copy of the agreement is not necessary.
Do you use electronic workflow?
Yes, we use Diadock and we would be happy to exchange our documents with you through it :) Save the forest!
UseDesk Support
We answer your questions about the service and help implement UseDesk
we respond from 10 to 7 Mon-Fri via e-mail
within 2 hours
we advise on settings and functional

we respond from 10 to 7 Mon-Fri via e-mail
within 1 hour
we advise on settings and functional
we set up UseDesk for you upon a request

20 000 RUR a month
10 hours of settings included