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Fair Support
Quality Evaluation
UseDesk helps collect customers' feedback: customers grade every response and give advice on how to improve your customer service. It's not enough to summarize only the response time and the number of resolved tickets to evaluate the quality of your employees' work. You won't know how happy your customers are unless you ask them.
Ask Your Customers' Opinion
Questionnaire in Hot Pursuit
We don't send a separate e-mail asking to grade your consultation. This kind of e-mails customers delete without reading or he would have troubles remembering what the consultation was about. You will receive few grades and unfair statistics. We add a link to e-mail to evaluate the response instead. This way the customer can praise you or give some constructives right away.
A Report to Be Proud of or For Error Correction
The report will show your manager how many positive and negative grades the support employees deserved. The manager sees why a customer is unhappy and goes to the request right away to figure out what the employee did wrong.
Take the Lead
If you compare your grades to the subjects of requests, you'll see which answer templates customers don't like. Update your templates of complex subjects, add some useful information to make sure your customers don't have any additional questions or doubts. It will help prevent from negative feedback later.
Criticism works for you
A low grade is a chance for you to solve the problem and vindicate yourself. Respond to negative feedback to show your customers that their opinion really matters.
Set up the Grade Request for Your Needs
You won't need to ask every single customer to grade your support. Chose a channel and a request status which will later send a grade request in the settings. Change the text in the block to make sure customers don't miss you asking to grade the response.
Practically, customers leave positive feedback after the second time we contact them (according to the CSI statistics). So, if we see that something went wrong, we contact the customer, discuss what went wrong and do everything to make sure the customer is satisfied and will use our service again.

Anna Trofimova

Head of Support Department at MoneyMan