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requests are sent daily from UseDesk
By 30%
more often employees receive "Excellent" from customers
1 Hour
a day Usedesk saves an employee compared to any other mail program
Our Customers' Stories
Here you'll have a story of the success of your support depatment
Usedesk Like a Gift from Heavens
Automation from e-mail and tables: how an online sweepstake service responds 5 times faster and reduced the prime cost of requests processing.
Miracle! How this happened
Changing Outlook to UseDesk
Payment processing company PayU

Given: A team of 5 people, Outlook, uncontrolled flow of e-mailes from payers and merchants.
Aim: Establish e-mail support, have happy customers saving team's nerves.
How PayU stopped worrying
Support Automation
Moneyman, online loans
We managed to automate 35% of incoming requests from our customers. The response time shortened from 2 days to 10 hours.
How Moneyman automated their support
How UseDesk Helped Moscow Bike Rental Service Speed up Their Support by 6 Times
Bike rental in Moscow
Moscow bike rental service Velobike started using UseDesk after we criticized their support on our blog. It was a perfect time for the article – it turned out that the Customer service department was looking for a new support system. The CEO of Velobike called us and we agreed to implement UseDesk.
What happened next
«We sorted out all our e-mails. Now we see the status and understand if we helped a person or not. We didn't have it before. The next stage is automation and acceleration of the time for the first response. If you respond to slowly, customers leave to your competitors. And this brings financial loses», —
Dmitry Ivannikov, the CEO

Field — Online loans

Number of Employees

Customers call to ask about the application status, amount of debt, means of payment, request some documents.

Before UseDesk
Customers' requests used to be responded from e-mail and here are 3 problems:

1. Very often customers write several times. We used to ask follow-up questions to find previous conversations because we didn't have the conversation history shown. It was vastly time-consuming and it made customers angry.

2. The Support Department would forward the case to other departments orally or on stickers. As a result it was impossible whether the request was responded or not. It wasn't clear who was responsible for the case at each stage. As a result, it took too long before the problem was solved.

3. The manager didn't have a report to control employees' work.

With UseDesk
1. UseDesk shows all the conversation history: when a customer wrote to us, who talked to him. Repeated requests are combined and we don't waste time on them.

2. Some other departments also work in UseDesk: a lawyer, a collector, loan experts. When the Support Department receives a message for a lawyer or a collector, a support employee forwards the request with one click and changes the status. Colleagues add comments on what they have done regarding each question. Everything is quite transparent now, and you can control the departments' interaction.

The manager knows for sure how many requests were responded and how much time it took. Employees like opening the satisfaction report the most: it has 90% of high grades and comments with "thank you" for rapid responses :)
"UseDesk is a perfect serivce which allows you to conduct a live conversation with a customer", –

Olga Popova,
The head of the operating department

Field — Online shop

Number of Employees

Customers of the online shop ask for advice on goods and orders.

Before UseDesk
Request were viewed in several e-mails and systems. We had to waste time on changing e-mails and it brought mess. In e-mails employees could pick up the same request and respond twice.

With UseDesk
All the requests are in the same place: e-mail, feedback form on the website, offline messages in the chat and answers to trigger messages on missed call. Thanks to that the Support department became faster and the order conversion increased. UseDesk sees if more than one person is in the ticket, which helps you avoid double responses.
As a person who has experience in CRM I understand all the pros and cons. A very important argument for implementation of the system is the record of all the action employees do with customers' cases, so every employee is responsible for every step they take. And it's not like user 1 or 2, it's all personal, for example, Alexandr Gromov or Sergey Tsygankov. Using of UseDesk disciplines users since the managers have access to the service.

The system shows when an employee received the request, when he responded, what he did to respond, and whether the response was right or not. I can log in any time and check what is happening on UseDesk and which requests are being worked on. This tool lets us increase the quality of our work in all of our channels for interaction with customers.
Sergey Tsygankov
Deputy Head of Customer Service at Velobike