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[BEFORE/after] Lime Loan

Katerina Vinohodova
Usedesk co-founder
About the company
Online Loans
Company's borrowers
Countries covers Lime
People in the support team
"We use a lot of reports, filters. You can unload almost any information you are interested in from Usedesk. With the help of tags, you can pull out exactly "what you need." CSI shows how the client treats us, helps to identify our weaknesses and promptly close them" - Daria Mukhametshina, Head of Customer Support Center
Before Usedesk
Customer requests were processed in Zendesk; only mail was connected, requests from social networks were processed separately. We were looking for domestic service, with Russian-speaking operational support, cheaper and with the possibility of combining all channels of communication.
With Usedesk
Several e-mails, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, widgets on websites are connected to Usedesk. All in a single window. This reduced the first response time by 1.5 times!

Usedesk support works at a convenient time and answers any questions about the service settings online.
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