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UseDesk Chat

5 in 1 to communicate with your customers online and via e-mail:
chat, instant messengers, feedback form, knowledge base and helpdesk
Create a chat on your website
Communicate with Your Customers in Various Channels
no request will get lost :)
Text us in our widget at the bottom right corner of the screen to check how the chat works
You Don't Lose
Even outside of business hours your customers can contact you and find answers to their questions.
A customer finds the necessary article from the Knowledge base in the widget based on the key words. If there is not enough information, the customer texts you from the feedback form. This request goes to UseDesk.
Helpdesk Included
If you can't find an answer to the customer's question right away, you don't need to create a separate ticket or a task in some other system. The dialog has already been saved as a ticket in the customer's history. Just transfer the question to the people in charge and text the customer to an instant messenger or e-mail him after the problem is solved.
All Tool for Qualitative Support and Sales
Working with customer requests can't be easier
Dialog Routing
A dialog automatically goes to the group in charge and an employee can transfer the dialog manually anytime.
Automated Responses
UseDesk sends automated responses to the frequently asked questions. Operators work with more difficult questions.
Operators see what a customer is doing on the page and help fill in the form or make an order.
Quality Control
Customers evaluate every dialog and the manager monitors employees' mistakes.