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Катерина Виноходова
Совладелец Юздеска
The best support is no support. Following this idea last year we launched our Knowledge base where customers can find the information themselves without talking to the support department. Now we offer one more tool for self – a widget on your website with in-built Knowledge base. It eases the search for useful articles and helps send questions to the support department from the website.
How Does This Work?
Our smart widget has 3 functions:
1. Search in the Knowledge base
A customer clicks on the widget icon and asks a question. The widget shows articles from the Knowledge base based on the key words from the question.
2. Feedback form
If a customer doesn't find what he needs in articles, he sends an e-mail to the Support department.
If the widget is in-built in a customer's personal account, you can fill in the name and e-mail fields for the customers. The customer will only have to write a question. Your IT specialists can do it with the help of API.
3. Recommended articles from the Knowledge base
You can make your widget show your customer only necessary articles from the Knowledge base based on the page the customer is on.
Bonus! We built a widget in the UseDesk interface. Any customer can ask us a question about the service or tell us about a problem avoiding bothering his manager.
How to set up a widget
You can set up a widget in the channel settings. You will need to insert a widget code in your website. Your IT developer or a person who is in charge of your website can help you with this. Give him this link to API. He can also help unite your widget with the Knowledge base and show the widget on some webiste pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
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