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October Updates

New features for Usedesk users
Yulia Shovgenya
Project manager
Buttons on Instagram and Facebook, even more useful information about tickets in the ticket list, moving to a customer card directly from the conversation and other updates for the desktop version and the application. This is what you can use right now.

You can add buttons on Instagram and Facebook

Last month we added buttons to Telegram, and now we've gotten to Instagram and Facebook. Previously, it was impossible to show the client a button that would trigger an event after being clicked. Now it is enough to send to the client the construction {{button: Button text ;;; show}}. A conversation with the client will turn into an active button that the client can use.
На личные сообщения Вконтакте теперь можно отвечать в Юздеске
Button text in the construction {{button: Button text ;;; show}} – button name, maximum 20 characters
You can send messages with one or more buttons and clicking on them will allow the client to perform an action or go to the next question. Use this feature to create a menu of buttons that your customers can use to navigate before starting a dialogue with an operator. This will allow you to close some questions without an operator's participation, and for the rest,you'll have more details on the client's issue so the operator does not have to waste time on it.
How to add buttons to posts
Схожие правила больше не нужно создавать с нуля
This is how the menu buttons look in Usedesk. Buttons are available in the Facebook channel with or without chat binding.
Схожие правила больше не нужно создавать с нуля
This is how the client sees the menu buttons on Facebook
Схожие правила больше не нужно создавать с нуля
And this is how the buttons look on Instagram

More information in the ticketlist

You can now add even more fields with information about tickets to the list:

•type – question, task, problem, incident;
•company ­– the name of the company to which the client belongs, with a link to the company card;
•client email – a list of client email addresses;
•channel – the name of the channel through which the ticket came.

You can customize the table's appearance with queries for yourself.Leave the columns you need and hide the rest of the fields so you can receive all the information you need about each ticket directly from the list of tickets without having to view the ticket card. You can sort the list of tickets by new fields, for example, select only the tickets from Telegram or a specific company. If you need a client's address, you don't have to type it manually — you just need to point to it and copy it to the clipboard. This saves operators a lot of time.

Отчёт по агентам теперь проще и удобнее анализировать
If you point to the client's address, it is possible to copy it

Отчёт по агентам теперь проще и удобнее анализировать
Columns are hidden by default. Display them directly in the table and use the information without going to the ticket card.

VIP clients and spammers are easily recognizable by their icons

VIP-clients and spammers are now marked with icons. Focus on the icons without going to the customer card.
Фильтровать значения.

Basic settings are now saved in the channels that we transfer from the "Chat"

We are gradually moving channels from "Chat" to the general table of channels. Previously, those settings were only saved during transfers related to a specific channel, such as the "token" field for Telegram. Now we have made it so that all the basic settings from the "Chat" are saved during the transfer:

•delay for missed,
•maximum chats per agent,
•only your chats are allowed to end.
Фильтровать значения.
All basic settings are retained after transferring channels

Android and iOS updates

Сортировать значения
You can now go to the customer card directly from the conversation with them
Сортировать значения
In the agent card, you can now set a new avatar, which is displayed in the list of tickets, the correspondence log, and when you select the executor of the ticket

Android Updates

На личные сообщения в бизнес-аккаунте Инстаграма теперь можно отвечать из Юздеска
The first message can be sent as private if you press the corresponding button when creating a ticket
На личные сообщения в бизнес-аккаунте Инстаграма теперь можно отвечать из Юздеска
Earlier,it was only possible to change the status and assign a new artist during bulk editing. Now you can change the priority, type and client, add labels and change the values of additional fields.

iOS Updates

Выпустили обновления для мобильных приложений
When you click on the mail, you can create a ticket, write a letter or just copy the address
Выпустили обновления для мобильных приложений
You can add buttons to chat

SDK updates for Android and iOS

Previously, it was impossible to pass values to additional ticket fieldsduring initialization. Now you can. The additionalFields parameter has been added to the initialization configuration.

iOS SDK updates

Упростили поиск нужных статей в виджете базы знаний
Previously, a message from a customer or support could not be copied. Now, when you long press on the message, the text can be added to the clipboard.

With care, Usedesk!

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