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About Usedesk

Usedesk is a helpdesk service helps companies create an attentive service and be closer to customers
to support buyers
Payment systems
to support merchants and payers
for an integrated support
for support from scratch
Why Usedesk?
Usedesk helps you build customer service from the very beginning and scale as your company grows.
For small teams (3-5 people)
For medium and large companies
Usedesk is a system for accounting and processing applications. It focuses on solving support problems and advising customers, so we cannot track conversions, transaction statuses, and how to do it for the sales department.
Usedesk will replace Outlook and helps to systematize correspondence with clients.
The service will improve the contact center by including all channels and customer data from CRM and other internal systems.
Usedesk team
As long as your support takes care of your customers,
we help your support to work comfortably.
Sergey Budyakov
Katerina Vinokhodova
Chief Accountant
Product manager
Office Manager
Head of QA
Sales Manager
Project manager
iOS Developer
Support Specialist
Head of Support
Sales Manager
Commercial Director
Support Specialist
Head of Customer Care Department
Android Developer
The idea of creating the service
Creating a "humane" helpdesk idea came from one of the founders when the support service refused to help him set up the Internet because he did not have a ticket number at hand.

The company used the IT service desk to deal with impersonal claims and incidents, not people.
They needed a tool that would help communicate with clients in the same language and solve problems without effort on the part of the client. Customers do not have to remember ticket numbers, and employees receive a certificate before starting work in the system. This is how Usedesk appeared.
How we help
We will not only give a username and password to Usedesk and wave joyfully, holding your money in our hand. It is essential for us that the company benefits from the implementation of the system.
analyze the current state of support and help to establish joint work of departments with customer requests.
make sure that the questions immediately fall into the right hands, the status and the person responsible for each problem can be seen, and not a single request from the client is lost.
automate tedious manual operations so that the chain of actions from receiving the letter to the ready answer is shorter; we will customize the service for you and train employees.
And if something goes wrong already in the process of work, we will quickly fix it.

If you are missing something in the functionality, we are ready to discuss improvements for a separate fee if you do not want to wait for the function to appear on a first-come, first-served basis for all companies.
So, together we will:
Where we do the best
We study the experience of other companies, successful and not so. We research how support works in different industries.
We follow trends in customer service. We created the UseBots project, where we develop useful chatbots for businesses that automate support in messengers.
We love to share knowledge in customer service. Even for non-clients, we will conduct an audit of the support department and show you where the holes in the processes are and how to patch them.
We believe that it is essential to talk with clients humanly in addition to the methods for support. Therefore, we help build a communication strategy - how to say hello, say goodbye, calm down an angry client, say no, and manage client emotions.
We honor Glavred and help you write such response templates so that clients understand you better and feel cared for.
We enjoying learn from clients, delving into the details of the internal kitchen of support in different businesses. We are interested in "how it works" in your company. We will discuss your tasks, ideas and learn from experience to make Usedesk even more helpful in creating excellent customer service.